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IoLab Design is the result of a fortuitous encounter: Jean-Charles Barbotin and Stéphane Brunclair, two people that are passionate about design and architecture.

Jean-Charles has been working in the world of luxury furniture and objects for 30 years and Stéphane has collaborated as a designer and engineer on numerous projects for the visual arts and cinema.

The intersection of their paths led them to this collaboration in lighting design, where their creativity and knowledge in innovative interactive technologies have been combined.


The creation of IoLab was based on the desire to explore new materials and technologies applied to light. IoLab’s creations are a reflection of the different skills of artists and craftsmen who have enriched the palette around the MonoBlock concept, as well as our collaboration with the SoftLights Company with whom we have developed innovative circuits for controllers. It is around this synergy that we are building and creating for the future.

We are committed to working with French or European partners and service providers, to develop a production based on the quality of the renderings and the know-how of the craftsmen. Our ligth sculptures are assembled by hand, in an eco-design approach. We have put this responsibility at the heart of our concerns in the general process of the company: we use recycled materials for all packaging, and our lamps do not emit harmful electromagnetic fields. They can be disassembled and each component is replaceable and recyclable.

All our models are registered with the I.N.P.I.

What we're developing...

Our ligth sculptures today are made to produce the sensation of a radiating light from an interior source, that ultimately creates a certain intimacy with the object. We are continually working on more features to create an object that is much more than just a lamp.

Our objective is:

-To propose original, ‘one of a kind’ pieces through form and special materials. The principles of diffusion, sequencing and light quality characterize the research of our technological developments.

-To reproduce natural atmospheres, through modulations of light rays, to take the lamp out of its functional role in order to become “living” matter.

Our guiding principle is the desire to manufacture refined objects in noble materials, to offer ergonomics, interactivity and respect for the environment to our customers.

Our Partners


Henrik Moseïd - Pictures

Fabrice Fouquet - Pictures

Jerome Heulot - Graphics

Nicolas Massart - Movies

Blaise Fouquet - Post-Production

Alain Fréville- Post-Production

Jean-Charles Barbotin - Website designer

Caroline Dimnik - Translation